Roles: Visual Design, Illustration, Art Direction, Branding, Copywriting, Photography, 3D Design
Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Blender 3D, Unreal Engine

BLUR Streetwear is a brand I created to play with new visual and 3D design technologies. The brand itself is very bold and striking, unique, and playful with handwriting and illustrations that act like graffiti elements to make the brand fit into the streetwear scene effortlessly. I designed the logo, board graphics, shirt designs, style guides, and illustrations as well as creating the concept and name for the brand along with the copywriting. I used the skateboarding game Session: Skate Sim to mod my graphics onto characters for the photography and edited them on mockups to give it a realistic feel. I also used Blender 3D to create some of the scenes and change the skateboard deck's materials and designs.
Digital display banner ads.
Session: Skate Sim video game textures modded using Unreal Engine.

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