Roles: Visual Design, Illustration, Art Direction, Storyboarding
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Procreate
Collaborators: Animator - Bradford Fermin

The Google Lens team needed a simple explainer video that highlighted the product's core features: Identification, Shopping, and Living Surfaces. I created some storyboards of a rough concept for an animated video that touched on all of these features which the team loved and the concept was sent into production. Using my iPad Pro and the Procreate app, I refined the storyboards. Next, I brought them into Adobe Illustrator and created the keyframes and all of the visual assets seen throughout the video. Finally, I layered the assets, broke them apart for motion, and art directed the animator throughout the process to ensure that the visual fidelity was maintained from the original concept to the completed video.
Our talented animator incorporated some 3D elements into the video and I gathered up 3D models that closely aligned with the original illustrations. The video goes from a grey conceptual world to explain the features and flips to the real world with a white background. I created the concept of using the Google Lens identifying dot as a character element to guide the viewer through the journey.
Rough storyboards.

Rough sketch of the cityscape scene.

Exploring different object styles.

Final style frames for animation.

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