Roles: Visual Design, Illustration, Product Design
Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dimensions, Figma

The Google Photos team needed some fun and engaging templates to use in their new Photo Collage feature. The Photos app would allow users to select a template and insert their own photos into it to then share on social media. I came up with some concepts that would work within the technical limitations of the app and be something that the user would want to use and also share with others. I did extensive research on what physical collages look like and what was trending in that area. I collected high fidelity assets such as tapes and pins to test different layouts in Adobe Photoshop. Once I got the compositions to a decent place, I recreated all the assets with my own and started to fine tune the designs. I took photos of cork boards, chalk boards, rips, tears, crinkled paper and more. I used Adobe Dimensions to create textures for the photographs themselves and exported them into Photoshop to comp together. I also created expressive illustrations with various brushes to give things a chalk, marker, and hand drawn effect. The Google Photos team loved them and quite a few of my designs can be seen live within the product.

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