Roles: Visual Designer, Illustrator, Branding, Art Direction, Photographer
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

MyCookieSF is a bespoke cookie store that bases the designs of the cookies off of different themes throughout the years. With the cookies being so customizable and thoughtfully designed, the business took off for events and the owner quickly realized she needed consistent branding to elevate the shop. I was eager to assist with such a fun idea and started the project off with a lot of sketches in all different directions to see what would land for the client. After presenting my initial ideas, she gravitated towards a script word mark that I hand lettered. I went through a few iterations of it, cleaned it up making it digital, and presented them. Since her presence was mainly online and at smaller scales, I advised her to go with something that would be easier to read. She agreed and I went back to creating more iterations to share. We landed on a simple, easy to read word mark that could be locked up with a subhead containing more information. I then created the brand's style guide along with some illustrations, stickers, and the product's packaging. I also setup a photoshoot and photographed the final product as well as other shots of different sets of cookies that could be used in other marketing materials as well as on social media.

Initial sketches exploring different ideas

Digital ideas testing readability and separation of the words

More physical sketches of how the mark could be laid out

Piecing together and altering letters for the script direction

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