Roles: Visual Design, Branding, Iconography
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Procreate

Google Class Camera is an app that lets teachers securely communicate with students and parents. The team needed a logo design that fit well within the Google suite of applications while still creating a distinction between the core apps and this product. I started off with sketches using Procreate on my iPad Pro to come up with ideas for what the icon could look like. School buses, backpacks, apples, books, polaroids, cameras and more all came to mind when creating sketches for an educational product. After bringing these ideas into Adobe Illustrator, cleaning them up, and iterating upon them, I presented my ideas to the team. We collaborated and narrowed things down to a camera. I came up with the concept of adding a smile inside the camera icon to evoke a sense of playfulness which doubles as a glare on the camera's lens. I made the shutter button a bright red color so that even at smaller sizes, it does not get lost. This project was a pleasure to work on and really allowed me to sketch, come up with tons of iterations, pressure test the scalability and accessibility of my designs, and follow the Google word mark style guides to create logo that worked well under all of these considerations and was conceptually sound given the product it was created to represent.

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