Roles: Visual Design, Illustration, Art Direction, Storyboarding, Character Design
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Procreate
Collaborators: Animator - Bradford Fermin

The Google Duo Team needed an onboarding animation for their app to show users how to start video calls, add contacts to a group video chat, and send personalized video messages. I created a storyboard for an animation that would include all of these features in a fun and engaging way. The team was impressed and production of the project began. I started with carefully researching and studying the main illustrator that was hired for product illustrations in the Google Duo app, Timo Kuilder. I then created character designs based on that visual language that had more details to be used within the video. Diversity and inclusion was top of mind, so I made sure to make all of the characters unique to show a range of different backgrounds. Once I completed the final keyframes, I art directed the animator to bring things to life. Included is a snippet from the final video.
Adult character designs.
Kid character designs.
Final style frames for animation.

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