Roles: Visual Design, Illustration, Branding, Art Direction
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Procreate

Hook Studios has a People Operations team that wanted some designs to be used on internal presentations, their website, and swag. I created a playful and fun mascot and brand that worked together to convey the helpful nature of the team. I started off with some sketches, iterated different lockups, badges, and marks in Adobe Illustrator, and landed on a simple and friendly mark with colorful geometric shapes to represent what piece of the agency's puzzle they are. I presented a range of options for the words and logotype and the team was happy with the most shorthand version "OPS." I paired this with a mascot and it became exactly what they were looking for. Originally, the mascot was created with vector anchor points and was not reading as organic or human as it needed to be. I did some iterations of drawing out faces to achieve the final design. This made the mark very unique, scalable, approachable and easy to apply to swag.

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